About Tochigi City

Tochigi, Town of Koi carp and Warehouses

tochigiTochigi is a peaceful city situated in the southern part of Tochigi prefecture and surrounded to the east by Mt. Tsukuba, to the west by Mt. Ohira, and to the north by the Nikko mountain range, and the Uzuma River flows through the city.

During the Edo period (1600-1867), Tochigi was originally a posting station along the main route to Nikko. Due mainly to the Uzuma river, this city became a prosperous merchant town and the center of politics, economy and culture. The warehouses and residences still remain, and Tochigi takes you back to the old days.

There are so many places of interest in Tochigi that give visitors a charm and relaxation; clear streams and moats that reflect the warehouses and rows of white-walled houses, Koi carp swimming there, Mt. Ohira (Natural Park) that reflects the beautiful changing colors of the season, Izurusan- Manganji Temple surrounded by trees, to name but a few.


japanLocated in the south of Tochigi prefecture, which is in the north of Kanto plain, Tochigi City is surrounded to the north by the mountains and to the south-east by Kanto plain.
Area 331.50km2
(East-West 22.3km / North-South 33.1km)